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Welcome to the January edition of this monthly newsletter aimed at professional translators, editors, reviewers, authors and anyone working with texts for professional purposes. As we previously notified you, for reasons of practicality, we have changed the publication date from the 30th to the 15th of the following month. In this issue, we will work on the last part of the macro for Outlook® which we started in issues 001 and 002. To help you finalise this macro, the first part of this newsletter will focus on providing you a guide to working with the VBE.

This section on the Visual Basic Editor should be kept as reference for all future work you intend to do using VBA and macros. As we are working on a macro for Outlook®, the screenshots will come from the VBE for Outlook®, but the information provided concerning the VBE will apply to Word®, Excel®, and Powerpoint®.

This issue will be accompanied by two .bas files (containing the two modules required for our List of Attachments macro), a .frx file and a .frm file (containing the useform and its code for our macro), and a .txt file containing basic instructions to set up the macro and tailor it to your needs. If you have not tried to write the macro step-by-step using the guidance provided in the last two issues and this one, you can import those file to get most of the work done. However, because of the way this macro was written, you will still need to tweak it to suit your own needs and you will need to use the guidance given in the last pages of this issue. Alternatively, you can use the instructions provided in the .txt file.

If you have any difficulty in adapting the macro to your needs and need some help and guidance, please do not hesitate to send us an email and we will do our utmost to help you.

As usual, if you would like to see a specific issue explained in this newsletter, please do not hesitate to send an email to outofoffice.newsletter@gmail.com with "How do I...? in the subject line, with a detailed explanation of what you would like to achieve and if possible some sample files.

If you missed an issue, you can still order it from us at an individual price of 5.00GBP per issue per language at the above mentioned address with "Order back issue [issue number – language]" in the subject line.

Enjoy this issue!



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VBA for Ever

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