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The Team
Patricia Tricker
MCIL Cert Ed (FE) Cert HE
Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists
Freelance translator, into English from French, German, Italian & Spanish specializing in finance, economics, insurance, contracts & company law

The Out of Office newsletter enables the members of the team of writers to share their in-depth knowledge of MS Office with those of us who are less clued up.

There's something in it for everyone. Those who are relatively new to MS Office may not find it the ideal introduction but will reap the benefits in the long run; those who are technologically very savvy will surely find things they are surprised they didn't know (unknown unknowns!); those such as me, who graduated from a manual typewriter to modern ways of working via an Amstrad and who frankly do not want to know too much about how things work as long as they do, will not find it a particularly light read but will pick up useful tips from the outset, even though it's likely that part of the content will remain unfathomable to them.

Despite the fact that it asks a lot of the reader, with regularly reading and thanks to the clarity of the writing and the hands-on examples all subscribers will find the Out of Office newsletter extremely useful in increasing their understanding of MS Office and thereby their productivity.

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Editorial 001

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